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Cognitome Program

The Cognitome Approach

Cognitome Program is an individual & age specific, customized therapeutic plan based on needful assessments, detailed evaluation & careful analysis of results. Cognitome Program is a step-wise process. The initial five steps are common & administered to have complete understanding of mental & physical condition of the client. The findings are then analyzed to devise the best suitable course of action for the client. It may or may not be same for two individuals due to individual differences, types of issues,  related disorders & client’s own willingness.  It provides in person as well as online assessments, management, & therapeutic plan.  One distinctive aspect of Cognitome Program is that we do not work with more than 10 clients at a time. This is to ensure that each of them gets the focused attention and proper guidance to the desired outcome.

At Cognitome Program, we offer comprehensive cognitive programs that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Through our specialized programs, we aim to optimize cognitive functioning and enhance overall well-being. 

The Cognitome Program- Plans

Includes CARE, CURE & CORE plans for the individuals. Additionally, we also offer a CORP plan customized as per the requirements & need of various institutions.



Consultation , assessments, results & evaluation (CARE)

Consultation, assessments, results & evaluation (CARE)

Therapeutics & management
Includes multiple tests and assessments based on the type of disorder & domain to be assessed.


Customized , unique, relevant & enriching (CURE)

A custom- made & bespoke individual specific plan. Includes.

Concise CURE Plan (ConCURE)

ConCure Plan 33 days

ConCure Plan 33 days: includes brief assessments & evaluation based on the CARE common plan plus anyone out of the following mentioned as under

ConCure Plan 51 days

ConCure Plan 51 days: includes brief assessments & evaluation based on the CARE common plan plus anyone two of the following mentioned as under

Comprehensive CURE Plan (CompCURE)

3 Months CompCURE

Therapeutics & management

6 Months CompCURE 

Therapeutics & management

9 Months CompCURE 


Customized outreach & educational (CORE) Plan

Customized outreach & educational (CORE)

Individual/client specific and exclusively includes



Customized Organization relevant program (CORP)

Specific for different institutions and organizations such as corporates, educational institutions & social groups. A unique combination of techniques and methodologies aimed to guide professionals to manage productivity, lack of sleep, stressors, anxiety, cognitive problems, burn out, emotional outbursts etc.

We also provide customized cognitive programs as part of our Customized Organization relevant program (CORP). 

The main goal is to improve overall well-being, creativity, cognitive skills, work efficiency, reduced absenteeism, and enhanced productivity of the clients.

Onsite Program

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Half- Day
Full Day

Online Program

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