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The Power of Mindfulness-Based Approaches: What You Need to Know

In the fast-paced and bustling cities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with Dubai at its forefront, the concept of mindfulness-based approaches is gaining considerable attention. Mindfulness practices are becoming increasingly popular as more individuals recognize their potential to enhance well-being and provide a much-needed oasis of calm in the midst of daily life. In …

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The mindpower of Emotions: Components and Competency

The Components and Competency of Emotions can be understood as a subjective state of our mind, characterized by powerful responses or reactions to internal stimuli or events in our surroundings. A positive or negative emotional response is therefore found to be directly linked with the circumstances that triggers that specific basic emotion.

How to Outsmart Narcissists

How to Outsmart Narcissists

Subscribe An optimal or balanced sense of grandiose about oneself helps one to be mentally tougher, confident, stress-free, and less prone to depression and anxiety. However, it becomes toxic when it shapes into ‘narcissism’ and eventually to narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), a toxic mental health condition characterised in DSM 5. Some behavioural traits exhibited by …

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