Cognitome LLC

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Punam S, 52/F, Indian, New Delhi, India

“I was having a hard time coping with my professional commitments due to hectic schedule and issues at workplace. I often had thoughts about running away from my professional life and most of the days, I would carry the work-related stress home and it gradually started affecting my relationships at home too. That’s when I came to know about Cognitome program through a friend who had consulted Dr Mohita. She heard me with a lot of patience and empathy and devised a customized plan for me to handle my issues better. As time progressed, I was surprised to see the positive changes it brought in my attitude and my workplace. Today, I can say with great confidence that I have evolved in a much better employee with increased productivity and as an individual following the Cognitome Program. Many Thanks Dr. Mohita.”

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